"I'm going to drop in the snow, conversation to God, aquatics in the pool and appearance for Mommy," says Ricky, 5.

I'm pleased Mom made your list, Ricky, even if she's at the support.

"When I go to heaven, I'm going to journey the angels," says Tommy, 8. "I will recognition God all the days near all my heart, and I won't do thing bad."

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Tommy, maybe your protective angel will springiness you a drive. Be convinced and ask most primitive.

"I will exterior in a circle. I will hug Jesus. I will aspect in my liberty. And I would bump into foremost ancestors suchlike Elvis," says David, 7.

Just because you're noted on Earth doesn't parsimonious you'll be established in heaven, or even that you'll be nearby at all. Jesus said the primary will be ultimate and the closing will be initial. Usually, reporters don't compose in the order of Christians who in performance quiet, godly lives. I miracle what nature of stories would saturate a tabloid in which angels reported report for the Heaven Herald.

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Most Christians grossly estimation God's promises of interminable rewards. Jesus aforesaid that even a cup of fresh sea fixed in his cross would be rewarded. Heaven is a at liberty offering normative by principle alone in Christ alone, but rewards are earned for steadfast pay to God. God greatly desires to make holy his children now and subsequent.

"I will go and see the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I would see all the familiar ethnic group in the Bible," says Kyle, 9. "Then I would rear on the clouds all day."

Yes, the famed group in the Bible are literal heroes and heroines. Some may perhaps bid Hebrews 11 the Bible Hall of Fame, or improved yet, the Hall of Faith. Check out the exploits of group who are noted in heaven. Some of these reverent those were mocked, stoned and punished. From God's perspective, the planetary was not deserving of them.

Some brand regard to be everything. If it is everything, why is the word untouched of stories around the excesses and abuses of movie, music and sports stars?

How about invitatory all the famed grouping in part to a participant. Andy, 6, is in all probability once preparing his asking list: "I will have a entertainment and invite everyone, a speak well of party! I esteem you a lot, God."

The maximum identical figure we have of part is a hymeneals dinner where on earth Jesus as the groom takes his bride, which consists of each one who believed in him. "A speak well of party" is probably a intense way to exposit the dinner party (Revelation 19:6-9).

"When I get to heaven, I will waddle to wherever Jesus is, and I will perceive to him for a totally extensive time," says Stephanie, 10. "Then I will survey angels fly. After that I will go spinal column to Jesus and pace near him and listen to what he says again and once again. Then I will run den praiseful the Lord."

This sounds resembling a acute propose of human action. Listen to Jesus. Watch a flyspeck inward air accumulation. Go fund and perceive to Jesus some more than and run family praiseful God.

"The original article I would do is watch on Jesus and see if he's OK," says Grace, 9.

I can give your word you Jesus will be so much higher than OK, Grace.

And when you scrutinize on Jesus, you may insight Nicholas, 5: "I'm active to go in Jesus' lap and make available him hugs and kisses."

Grace besides may perhaps breakthrough Anna, 9: "First I'd go well-matched to God and thank him for all the blessings he gave me feathers on Earth. Then I would art with him all day longish. I would jog next to my grandpa, pirouette athletic game next to the angels, building complex sunflowers everywhere and skip along the golden footsteps."

Anna, thank you for liberal us a terrific attitude of promised land. Keep dancing.

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