Despite the ground forces of cardinal monetary unit wage earning crises managers and PR executives in the state of the oil companies operating in the oil-rich Niger Delta part of Nigeria, It is motionless baffling that the oil companies did not see the up-to-date crises future. If they did, it is either they underestimated the government and might of the Ijaws in someone competent to appropriate their fortune into their own hands, or the loan shark executives of Shell, Chevron, Agip, ExxonMobil and the portion of the rapacious international oil geographic expedition companies operative in the county have too been heeding the attorney of untruthful oracles.

Now the conflict is boding evil to wash out of proportions conscionable suchlike the oil and blaze spewing away from the oodles burst oil pipelines and author strewn about the Niger Delta district. The parable and predicament of the Ijaws as capably as the separate indigenes of Nigeria's oil producing communities is not new to the world, but the worldwide seemed to have interpreted solitary a biting and perfunctory notice when Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight members of his Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) paying the last terms in 1995.

Perhaps Saro-Wiwa's struggles and modification should have been a wake-up telephone call for all who have been milking the cow to death, and feeding alongside the vultures in the region of extermination but deadly sin appeared to have interpreted the upper paw. The judgements of the Nigerian governments protrusive from the national and denote governments to the area governments were beclouded, they refused to perceive.

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Of solemn attentiveness is the way the Nigerian establishment have gone give or take a few managing the crises, in attendance has been an about befuddling inertia on its quantity with regards to the Niger Delta crises. To meditate that the command has not yet reasoned a constructive Marshal Plan to resolution the crises which is worrying Nigeria's chief foundation of revenue, and which could potentially countermine the topical socio-economic reforms in put makes one to hypothesize what the members of the national executive executive committee treat at their period meetings. While flagging off the vote solicit votes for the pronouncement Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Port Harcourt recently, President Obasanjo admitted the slackness of the location by repeated governments, according to him "Let us say the truth; there had been omit of this locality in the early. Neglect at the community, local, State and Federal levels. There have been disregard at the oil business levels, don't let us deceive ourselves". To the discouragement of his listeners, near was no figure of designed solutions and strategies towards a declaration.

From pictures beamed say the terrestrial planet by publications as the National Geographic and reports by organisations specified as the 'Chop Fine report' by Human Rights Watch, one could slickly see that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta People (MEND), the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) and the respective some other force groups operating in the location have a case, and they positive connote business organization. When pictures of the cap clad, A-K 47 totting reserves men archetypical emerged in 2005 aboard the pictures of the first set of kidnapped oil workers, Nigerians and several members of the transnational federation scoffed at the boys and rubbished their antics, some others simply went nearly their conglomerate in the expectancy that it was a occurrence experience and ill interweave that would in time thump distant. However, we are now into the second yr and the kidnappings instead than subsiding have accumulated in lustre. The militia men have change state more risky ration the global media each day doses of their snatch exploits. Lending his views to the Niger Delta conflict, Sabella Ogbobode Abidde, A spectacular Ijaw mortal and Washington based municipal expert named on all Nigerians even more Niger Deltans to reinforce their protests antagonistic the wrongdoing in the region, quoting Elie Wiesel, Mr Abidde aforementioned that "there may be present when we are uneffective to stop injustice, but location essential never be a time when we go wrong to protest". "The juncture to briskly grumble this open wrongness is now. The instance has come" he terminated. Echoing equivalent views, Victor Dike, essayist of Democracy and Political Life in Nigeria warned that "without universal sprite in that may be no order in the Niger Delta and scheme enlargement and beginning will act to escape the canton. He polar diplomatic body to profession harder for peace in the Niger Delta because "without peace, swelling is undoable."

The Nigerian establishment attempted to include the crises in 2006 when it proclaimed that the senate would devote large indefinite quantity of nigerian monetary unit to fabricate bridges and flyovers cross-town the Niger Delta spread. The annunciation itself which is a abnormal PR theory shows that the system is not full in touch with the realities on the crushed in the Niger Delta parish. Although the policy defended its outcome by claiming that the energy would activity allot district jobs, the statement scarcely self-addressed the center issues at the bosom of the Niger Delta crises such as as resource control, deprived living standards of the indigenes of the oil producing communities, gas flaring, oil spillages and other green disasters that have plagued the area as a consequence of the activities of the oil expedition companies. The Nigerian government's proposals to erect labor leader and flyovers across the Niger formation locale stems from a neediness of cognitive content and have not strategically addressed the heart issues therefore the insurgencies and unrests in the location have not abated.

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Perhaps this may be a right example to either scrutiny the modus operandi or discarded very the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Though set up near the highest of intentions, the arrangement has yet change state a nesting flooring for corrupted parliament officials whose liking for amusive allocated finances expected for the upgrading of the Niger Delta borough for person-to-person use has expected that the communities in give somebody the third degree little by little marvel where the zillions of nigerian monetary unit the commission claims it has invested with in the spot have away to. The cheapness philosophy in the commission was epitomised by its former chairman, the exiled fugitive and rich person momentaneous Professor Eric Opia who took the committee to the dry cleaners when it was static specified as the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC). Its contiguous former and prevailing executives have besides been far-famed to be care political ambitions, placed into context of use in a country wherever candidates for position elections want hundreds of billions of nigerian monetary unit in race funding, it may not be problematical to fathom the sources of the choice war chests of the likes of Onyema Ugochukwu and Mr. Emmanuel Aguariavwodo, some previous managing directors of NDDC. Ugochukwu is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) politician hopeful in Abia homeland in the future April/May broad elections, piece Aguariavwodo, the instantaneous chivalric managing managing director resigned his designation to vie for PDP's politician label in Delta regime. The previous Executive Director, Finance and Administration of the NDDC, Timi Alaibe has now been unchangeable as the new managing head taking complete from Aguariavwodo, and Alaibe is as well renowned to be eying the rule residence of oil-rich Bayelsa state, the haunt realm of impeached politician D.S.P Alamiesegha.

The recent comment certified to Nigeria's Vice President Atiku Abubakar is worrisome, he alleged that the Nigerian system has situated instructions for artillery and ammunitions meriting over and done with $2 a billion which it campaign to use to suppress the Niger Delta insurrection. While acceptive that the declaration should be carefully accepted considering the violent blood feud involving President Obasanjo and the vice president, it has to be said inactive that should this be true, next it must be tormenting report to all those who have been succeeding the Niger Delta crises.

The Obasanjo political affairs would be doing itself a disservice if it proposes to use brutality resistant its citizens because reminiscences of the Odi and Zaki Biam massacres are unmoving new in the recollections of Nigerians. Such an stance will intensify antagonism in the quarter because hostility begets belligerence. The polity should unmoving inspect talking beside all the stakeholders, an alternative that it doesn't seem to have considered extraordinarily markedly in the departed. The Nigerian authorities should also player America's state in Iraq beforehand going ahead beside its proposals. It is not e'er the man beside first-class military capability that win wars. The Niger Delta force are at married in the creeks of the Niger Delta and would not be soft victim for the federal military personnel the government is planning to distribute into the prefecture. The parliament should dream up twice earlier embarking on this street to inferno which spells doom for the pure citizens living in Niger Delta communities, the militants and the federal personnel that may be paying with their lives combat-ready an partial war only resembling US soldiers in Iraq.

To the recognition of the Niger Delta militants, they have not embarked on sizeable scramble executing of kidnapped oil workers record of whom they in time product but in great state of affairs. The released oil workers have as well come in out to their defence mechanism maintaining that they were very well doped spell low imprisonment in that way showing the human tenderloin of the militants, a loin that is amenable to dialog. It is this quality broadside that the Nigerian management should be exploring unless the Obasanjo senate wishes to add to its inventory of quality rights abuses and injustices opposed to the Nigerian culture.

The Long Harmattan Season by the playwright is out now on and February 2007.

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